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Verdigris – Vintage Sim!

It’s been a while since I blogged, I know. That is largely due to the fact that I haven’t really had time to just go out and explore as I like to. But I did get chance earlier on and came across this sim, Verdigris. This is a region owned by Oriolus Oliva and split into a couple of parcels. The theme is very much vintage and the sim acts as something of a showcase for the building skills of Oriolus. In addition you can buy a lot “antique” style items and buildings too. In true ‘old curiousity’ store style, there are all sorts of items available to purchase at really good prices!

What I want to really emphasise though is the unique style of building here and how awesomely (is what even a word) well put together this is. Steampunk is not uncommon in Second Life™, that much is true. But to see it done to quite this quality is. Windmills, ‘ranch style’ housing, a lighthouse and clocktower are just some of the builds on offer with exquisite detail and a real good quality.

Ok, so today is a lazy blogging day. I will show you a couple of pictures and provide a SLurl and send you on your way? Sound good? Cool!

See, pretty impressive huh? Now actually these pictures do it limited justice… much better to go check it out for yourself and really see the detail in these impressive builds. You’ll get there just by clicking here.


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