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Splash Aquatics Walk-Through Aquarium!

Splash Aquatics is something of a huge store on the Gooruembalchi mainland sim. Creator and owner, Kaikou Splash, sells all types of aquatic  mammals, tropical fish and fresh water fish as well as a range of scuba diving gear, landscaping tools and some incredible vehicles! The place is 100% worth checking out and his animals are the most beautiful and realistic available in Second Life™. In addition, the prices are very reasonable.

However, the element I want to concentrate on is the walk-through aquarium, which is just amazing! It’s incredibly well done and showcases the very finest in aquatic animals in game. Completely submerged, you can walk right through a very peaceful feeling tunnel and admire the work of the creator close up.

Take a look for yourself!

I recommend taking a visit to Splash! You can find it by clicking here!


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Joshua Nightshade’s Abstract Avatars

Josuha Nightshade handed me a landmark to his store following my appealing for quirky lower traffic places in game to review. The store is on its own dedicated homestead sim and sells robotic avatars and accessories.

The prices are very reasonable with a good number of freebies and then the paid items starting at just L$50! What compelled me to stay long enough to find this out though was the layout and design of the store, much of which seems to be the handiwork of Lordfly Digeridoo.

Sector 7

Sector 7

The inside of the store uses glow well! I normally am a little, well… very much against glow as most people drastically overuse it (often because their graphics cards don’t permit them to see just how glowy things really are)! But here is is used well and to great effect. The whole store has a futuristic feel to it.

Abstract Avatars

Abstract Avatars

My only complaint on the layout is that was easy to get lost if you flew a little too far. The map at the store front was great but would have been improved with teleporters on it. One awesome touch is the projector style used in the building for many of the posters and for the map too.

Abstract Avatars

Abstract Avatars

Now for the merchandise itself. I am actually not a big avatar fan, in so much as I tend to stick with my one human avatar, overly perfect skin, well preened hair and eyes the girls seem to just love. But I did try out one or two of the free avatars Joshua has out available in store and it is easy to see the quality. Although far more simple than his premium avatars, these freebies really do show off the neatness of Joshua’s work and how well the avatar works too. Flawlessly! The design stands out and again remains true to the theme he wishes to follow. The animation he has used allows the avatars to be very, very small and compact.

The store is laid out clearly insofar as you can see everything when you enter an area straight away. There is a gifting option for those who wish to send the items as gifts as well. This is a great idea!!

The place is somewhere worth visiting whether you are an avatar fan or not, simply for its loyalty to its futuristic theme. Futuristic is done badly in a lot of places in game and it is refreshing to see it done to perfection here! Go visit!

You will Abstract Avatars here.

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