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Splash Aquatics Walk-Through Aquarium!

Splash Aquatics is something of a huge store on the Gooruembalchi mainland sim. Creator and owner, Kaikou Splash, sells all types of aquatic  mammals, tropical fish and fresh water fish as well as a range of scuba diving gear, landscaping tools and some incredible vehicles! The place is 100% worth checking out and his animals are the most beautiful and realistic available in Second Life™. In addition, the prices are very reasonable.

However, the element I want to concentrate on is the walk-through aquarium, which is just amazing! It’s incredibly well done and showcases the very finest in aquatic animals in game. Completely submerged, you can walk right through a very peaceful feeling tunnel and admire the work of the creator close up.

Take a look for yourself!

I recommend taking a visit to Splash! You can find it by clicking here!


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El Haiga Classic Car Museum

Museums are not uncommon in Second Life™. Cars are not incommon in Second Life. But I have never come across a classic car museum in game until my exploring today led me here.

Classic Car Museum

Classic Car Museum

Owned by lobisones Congrejo, the museum lies on a parcel on the sim ‘Classic Car Museum’ and charts in some exquisite prim detail the life of the classic car models from 1900 onwards. The cars are impeccably well built and the designs wonderfully authentic. They are built by a variety of different builders. What is also impressive is the fact that there is a notecard you can click to take with information about each car. So this is a great location for both those who just appreciate fine prim work and those who have a genuine interest in cars (or motorcycles since they have those too). there’s a great selection of racing cars (Formula 1 etc) as well as the classics!

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

I didn’t come across any of the models for sale within the museum, though looking at some of the creators of the vehicles, I am sure many of them sell them themselves. What there is in terms of items to purchase are classic car posters etc with prices starting at a very reasonable L$15.

Demoiselle was more interested in the ‘famous’ cars than the old classics. By famous cars I mean the vehicles from Ghost Busters, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie all recreated here in prims!

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

Kudos to lobisones Congrejo for both the concept here and for keeping the actual museum itself relatively uncommercial and incredibly informative. Whether for motoring history education or admiration of some incredible building and texturing by the car creators, this should definitely find a place on your ‘places to go in Second Life’ list!

You will find the Class Car Museum here.

All photography comes courtesty of the wonderful Demoiselle Denimore.

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Screwball Cartoon Avatars Sim

I confess…I have a soft spot for the Smurfs. Those loveable retro blue midgets bring back some rather happy tv memories. And the massive Smurfy presence on the Screwball Cartoon Avatars sim played a large part in my spending hours on this sim!

This is an entire region of a cartoon theme. The island belongs to Jenee Marten, whose landing point takes you to the front of her avatar store (which is also very cartoony in build). She sells some really cool avatars in there. There’s Looney Tunes, South Park, Smurfs and other well known ones and then loads  of original stuff including some really hilarious adult avatars. She has regular ones, tinies and miniatures. I have a couple of the miniatures from here and I personally haven’t seen better done toon avatars in game or avatars smaller than this in game either. They really are that awesome! There’s a lot of freebies available in the store too, cartoon type slippers etc.

Screwball Cartoon Avatars

Screwball Cartoon Avatars

What I love about this place is the fact that its focus is fun and not just commercial activity. Yes, the store is on there and the store is awesome. But this is a full sim with some really cool cartoon features. There’s a really great Smurf Village (which is perfect size if you’re wearing the Smurf miniature avs), there’s a giant Smurf statue on a hill (I’m going on about Smurf’s a bit too much here aren’t I?). There’s a cartoon style haunted house and little cartoon cottage, as well as a little Peanuts themed area and Winnie the Pooh themed area as well, a little Marvin the Martian  and planety more stuff too!!

South Park Elementary Replica

South Park Elementary Replica

The Smurf Village

The Smurf Village

But it isn’t all just things to look at. There’s stuff to do too! There’s Bumper Boats that you can tour the whole island on and cartoon trivia on one of the decks over the river. For fishing fanatics, probably the best feature will be the 7Seas Fishing Deck. There’s a LOT of custom catches available here. While I was fishing there I caught some really funny original fish (yes they’re cartoony) and others around me caught some pretty cool animated shoulder buddies. There’s a list of all custom catches available to take too, which tells you there’s a SMurf shoulder buddy in there (here I go again with Smurfs), a Devil, Santa amongst others. And, surprise, surprise, they’re all cartoonish!

One thing not to miss is ‘Little Willy’s Porn Emporium’ which is a dirty little cartoon themed porn shop! You read it right! In there you can buy the ‘adult’ cartoon avatars Jenee Marten makes but the concept is original and funny.

Little Willys!

Little Willy's!

All in all this is definitely a must see place. It’s completely different and very original. I haven’t seen a better cartoon sim in Second Life™. For anyone looking for fun stuff to do in Second Life, this is the way to go! You can find the Screwball Cartoon Avatars region here.

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Kleio Island – Loads of fun!

I teleported into Kleio Island when I was looking for a haunted house. And indeed I found a spooky house with a difference. It was an amusement park ride.

However, what I didn’t bargain for was stumbling across an entire sim of…well… fun!

The bulk of the island is an amusement park with some incredibly well built rides. The rides appear to be created by Atom Burma for the most part, whose great attractions I have seen in a number of places, actually.

The land and amusement park itself is owned by the Eudor Group, whose owners are Dolcebella Zabletta, Sophronia Sperber, Renfew Sperber, msw Tomorrow and MiakodaAki Despres (founder).

In terms of an amusement park, there is an incredible amount of variety from bumper cars, to a carousel and swinging ship amongst many others!

There’s also a mini golf course and light house, which I found after some hunting around!

There are other attractions too, including a real ‘fairground’ style little wagon with trivia for prizes. This is a nifty idea! We all like to exercise our general knowledge at times, right?

Once I had finished looking around and pretending I was 7 again, I went and took myself for a little ride on the Spooky House!

This is an incredibly well designed ride. It fixes the camera to view straight ahead as if on an actual ghost train and the effects are awesome!

By the side of the Spook House is a little spooky outdoor setup.

Ok, ok, so spooky setups are nothing new around Halloween, but this is a great place to hang out. The thing I like the most about this entire sim is the way in which nobody is trying to sell anything to you! You know what it is like when you go to some of the more known attractions in game and on every corner is a big board trying to persuade you to buy something. It isn’t like that here! It really gives you the impression that it was set up purely to enable people to have fun, rather than for any commercial purposes or ulterior motives. There are donation boxes around, which I believe is the best way to go for a sim like this. It has to be paid for afterall and a full prim sim certainly isn’t cheap! Some of the attractions require a few lindens or so, but generally speaking this is a free for all! The paid attractions, such as the Skeeball game, do offer you the chance to win a prize too. And… most importantly, there’s cotton candy!

I could sit here and list off attractions all day, but you know how it is with something like this! It has to be seen to be fully enjoyed! Take your friends there and act like a bunch of kids again! You will find this great little island here!

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So what’s this all about then?

This is a sounding board, if you will. A place where I’ll write about the best of everything I come across in the weird and wonderful world of Second Life™.

A few points to note:
1. No, I do not own Second Life. If I owned Second Life I would currently be on a remote Pacific island somewhere drinking ludicrously expensive champagne cocktails and bathing in dollar bills. Instead, I am home blogging!

2. Second Life can be found at (in case you hadn’t guessed) and is a pretty advanced virtual world. If you have no wish to try it then this blog will probably not interest you one iota.

3. This isn’t a source of slagging off. I don’t plan to waste my time writing about crappy places. I’ll keep it upbeat in a happy, lovely, jovial kind of way and focus this on what’s great about Second Life, not all the bot farms/crap sims/terribly crafted products etc…. (here I go again. Stop me! This is supposed to be POSITIVE).

4. I’m not being paid by anyone! If I go somewhere and I like it, I’ll blog it. I am not interested in advertising anybody’s sims/stores/products/sexual services.

And there we go. 🙂

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