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Screwball Cartoon Avatars Sim

I confess…I have a soft spot for the Smurfs. Those loveable retro blue midgets bring back some rather happy tv memories. And the massive Smurfy presence on the Screwball Cartoon Avatars sim played a large part in my spending hours on this sim!

This is an entire region of a cartoon theme. The island belongs to Jenee Marten, whose landing point takes you to the front of her avatar store (which is also very cartoony in build). She sells some really cool avatars in there. There’s Looney Tunes, South Park, Smurfs and other well known ones and then loads  of original stuff including some really hilarious adult avatars. She has regular ones, tinies and miniatures. I have a couple of the miniatures from here and I personally haven’t seen better done toon avatars in game or avatars smaller than this in game either. They really are that awesome! There’s a lot of freebies available in the store too, cartoon type slippers etc.

Screwball Cartoon Avatars

Screwball Cartoon Avatars

What I love about this place is the fact that its focus is fun and not just commercial activity. Yes, the store is on there and the store is awesome. But this is a full sim with some really cool cartoon features. There’s a really great Smurf Village (which is perfect size if you’re wearing the Smurf miniature avs), there’s a giant Smurf statue on a hill (I’m going on about Smurf’s a bit too much here aren’t I?). There’s a cartoon style haunted house and little cartoon cottage, as well as a little Peanuts themed area and Winnie the Pooh themed area as well, a little Marvin the Martian  and planety more stuff too!!

South Park Elementary Replica

South Park Elementary Replica

The Smurf Village

The Smurf Village

But it isn’t all just things to look at. There’s stuff to do too! There’s Bumper Boats that you can tour the whole island on and cartoon trivia on one of the decks over the river. For fishing fanatics, probably the best feature will be the 7Seas Fishing Deck. There’s a LOT of custom catches available here. While I was fishing there I caught some really funny original fish (yes they’re cartoony) and others around me caught some pretty cool animated shoulder buddies. There’s a list of all custom catches available to take too, which tells you there’s a SMurf shoulder buddy in there (here I go again with Smurfs), a Devil, Santa amongst others. And, surprise, surprise, they’re all cartoonish!

One thing not to miss is ‘Little Willy’s Porn Emporium’ which is a dirty little cartoon themed porn shop! You read it right! In there you can buy the ‘adult’ cartoon avatars Jenee Marten makes but the concept is original and funny.

Little Willys!

Little Willy's!

All in all this is definitely a must see place. It’s completely different and very original. I haven’t seen a better cartoon sim in Second Life™. For anyone looking for fun stuff to do in Second Life, this is the way to go! You can find the Screwball Cartoon Avatars region here.


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