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The Serenite Cutting Garden

The Serenite Cutting garden is a 2384sqm parcel on the sim, Serenite, owned by Keith Extraordinaire. This parcel is set aside for plants… free ones!

The note card you can take from the sign here tells us that Keith Extraordinaire has gathered as many free to copy plants from around Second Life™ as he could find and laid them all out for people to take copies of (or cuttings from hehe). He also invites people to send along any others they have that aren’t already out there to be shared. Some of them are created by him too actually. There’s everything here from poinsettia’s to cactii and the quality is awesome and certainly as good as a number of the plants available to purchase in game. Every single plant and tree is completely free. There are sculpted pots available to purchase for L$25 and gas heaters for the same price. This should be everyone’s first stop when looking for plants, trees or accessories for landscaping in Second Life

It’s such an incredibly simple yet effective idea. Kudos to Keith Extraordinaire for putting this together.

Serenite Cutting Garden

Serenite Cutting Garden

Serenite Cutting Garden

Serenite Cutting Garden

You will find the Serenite Cutting Garden here. While you’re there, I very much recommend you check out the rest of the sim too, as it’s very well done and a great place for exploring. The KX range of prefabs are awesome quality too!


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