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Aldarian Isle – Medieval Roleplay Community

I know that I have blogged before on roleplay sims and in particular the medieval themed ones. However, once again I have stumbled across one that offers that something different. Aldarian Isle is a complete medieval themed sim, but the emphasis here is on a northern European medieval village and as such the focus of it’s authenticity is on the builds, making it so much more than just a pretty location.

Aldarian Isle

Aldarian Isle

At the landing point you are offered a note card, which is a full guide to the sim, as well as a visitor tag that it is requested visitors wear. They’re happy for people to walk around in ‘normal’ clothing, though ask that furries, toon characters etc change to a less ‘non-medieval’ for. Free clothing is provided at the landing point should you wish to get into theme. The sound effects at the landing point are not overbearing and actually go a long way to creating the bustling middle age village feel. Sound effects actually change in numerous locations across the sim, in line with the atmosphere and feel of that particular area.

I won’t go through the note card in detail here as you should go and check it out for yourself. Suffice to say that there is a good list there of places within the sim to visit, including a bakery and a couple of 7Seas fishing locations. Fortunately, I have a good graphics card and a system that can handle a lot, as does Demoiselle. Otherwise it might have proven a little too much for the computers as there is a lot going on here. My only complaint actually is that, as a lot of roleplay sims do, they have turned off fly here. Yes ok, so viewing admin options will enable you to fly, but the point is it is preferred that you don’t. The reason is that they want people to appreciate and take their time with the sim. In my opinion, I can do that flying and I really don’t like being told I can’t fly somewhere. But that really is my only complaint!

As for the sim itself, it seems that there is already a good community established and growing here. There is a tavern in which each time I visited people were dancing.

The sim has a good number of builds including a tavern, water mill, stables etc. There are beautifully authentic little market stalls too. Josef Roffo, the owner of the group that owns this sim (Aldarian Realm) actually created some of the builds around and about as well.

The Village Centre

The Village Centre



Water Mill

Water Mill

Although, as I have mentioned, the focus here is not just on pretty scenery but on making a real authentic medieval village atmosphere, they do the pretty scenery too! Behind the tavern you will find a forest and a beautiful one at that, that eventually paves the way to a rocky and rough coastline featuring ships, an Alchemist’s Tower building and Stonehenge.

At the risk of this sounding a little cliched, I really could not possibly begin to count the number of things I have missed in this review. And actually, I feel it would be a shame to point out everything because it would leave you without any surprises. If you visit one place today, make it this one. You absolutely will not be disappointed. Whether you roleplay or not, whether you like the medieval style or not, you should definitely teleport here. The reason I say this is because anyone with an appreciation of sim design, architecture, authenticity or simply a wonderful community feel to a place will love this. It allows for so much exploration here.

I can go as far as to say that this is absolutely one of the best places to go in Second Life™. Find it here.

– Broom Andel

Demoiselle Denimore’s rating is a whopping 10/10.
Her only complaint is that she hated the red dragon
statue but the buck deer and the rest of the sim
was ‘perfect’ and thus makes up for it!


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