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Mr. B’s Absurdly GINORMOUS Maze

Mr. B’s maze is real good fun type of place to spend an hour…. or three, depending on just how bad you are at navigating your way around! In addition to entertainment value, there are a number of freebie locations hidden in and around this massive maze to give you an opportunity to bulk out your inventory free of charge in the process of trying to get out! And try you might, as covering a quarter sim this is certainly amongst the bigger mazes in game!

Mr B's

Now, of course you could cheat. You could simply hide the giant board covering the maze and came your way around it, amongst other things, but as the greeter at the landing point will tell you,

“Mr. B’s Absurd Greeter!: Welcome, Broom, to the GINORMOUS Maze! Try moving about in this crazy hedge maze, and collect freebies along the way. No flying, and no peeking, and remember that cheaters never prosper! Enjoy – Mr. B.”

The maze is confusing, true enough. But this is the idea of a maze, right? It will probably have you tearing out your hair and laughing at the same time. And for humour value? Well, there is a ‘Cheater’s Way’ offered at the start of the maze. But not everything is as it seems, so beware!

Is surprises me that up until a random search I did, I had never heard of this place. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe it truly is another of those places that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves. Nobody was there while I was there, though this was better for me. If I absolutely have to make an idiot of myself walking into bushes and back around and confusing myself like that, I would rather do it alone. Go visit! It’ll be fun!


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Bentham Manor – Ghosts and Ghouls!

Lauren Bentham did an absolutely amazing job putting together this ghoulish haunted mansion. This place was recommended to me by a friend who knows I’m quite enthusiastic about builds that offer something different. And I hit the jackpot with this one.

Upon arrival you’ll be notified that the best setting for viewing this in is midnight. And that’s so, so true! Additionally, you’ll also be offered a free weapon…. a plank of wood with some pretty huge nails sticking out of it. Take it. You never know when you might decide to beat the living daylights out of some virtual creepy creature.

It would be a shame for me to spoil this place by telling you everything in it. But it truly is worth a visit. The train around the outside is worth the ride, offering some pretty cool sights! And you’re invited to hang (literally) from a couple of nooses located by the landing point. The interior decor is fantastic, with both the texturing and the build itself meeting a really high standard, not just technically but in terms of the imagination behind it too. This one is well worth a teleport!

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

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So what’s this all about then?

This is a sounding board, if you will. A place where I’ll write about the best of everything I come across in the weird and wonderful world of Second Life™.

A few points to note:
1. No, I do not own Second Life. If I owned Second Life I would currently be on a remote Pacific island somewhere drinking ludicrously expensive champagne cocktails and bathing in dollar bills. Instead, I am home blogging!

2. Second Life can be found at (in case you hadn’t guessed) and is a pretty advanced virtual world. If you have no wish to try it then this blog will probably not interest you one iota.

3. This isn’t a source of slagging off. I don’t plan to waste my time writing about crappy places. I’ll keep it upbeat in a happy, lovely, jovial kind of way and focus this on what’s great about Second Life, not all the bot farms/crap sims/terribly crafted products etc…. (here I go again. Stop me! This is supposed to be POSITIVE).

4. I’m not being paid by anyone! If I go somewhere and I like it, I’ll blog it. I am not interested in advertising anybody’s sims/stores/products/sexual services.

And there we go. 🙂

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