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Moon Elon at the Elon University

Moon Elon is, well, a moon 500m abovethe Elon University Science and Maths sandbox. In effect, it’s a load of mageprims designed to look like the moon. But in actual fact that offers it no justice whatsoever.

Moon Elon

Moon Elon

The texturing of the prims here really does create a very moon-like atmosphere. And the lunar module prim work is astounding! Built by Lora Chadbourne, there attention to detail is incredible and the texturing just as convincing.

Moon Elon

Moon Elon

However, as well as just being a convincing moon build and detailed contents, this does have a level of educational value as well. We have all heard the conspiracy theories behind the moon landing being a hoax… ‘the flag was moving but there’s no wind,’ etc etc. Well the information boards up there go through all these hoax theories and bust them all completely. I can’t say I am particularly enthusiastic about space and space travel especially, but I did find this fascinating. Certainly worth a visit, if nothing else, to enlighten yourself in regard to one of the most significan events in modern history!

You will find it here.

Demoiselle’s rating is 7/10.
She would love to have seen more builds and info.


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