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Anonymous Blanks by Vladimir Rakosi

This is arguably one of the coolest concepts I have come across in game. The Anonymous Blanks were created by Vladimir Rakosi and are…well to be honest they’re simple plain blank robot style avatars. But there’s a twist. You can accessorise these in such a way that is fairly addictive, to be honest.

Hosted on a sim called Xntra City, the first stop has to be the factory, where you can be turned into an Anonymous Blank. You simply sit on the platform and go round the conveyer belt to be ‘converted’ by means of some entertaining object givers and instructions. This is completely free of charge and is a great means of introduction to these avatars. By the time you have gone around the conveyer system, you’re a Blank. Attach your HUD to play sounds and an animation. It then brings you out into the little shop where you can pick up a free Construction Helmet or buy upgrades and accessories for your blank (from L$ 10 to L$ 1000 depending on the product). But even if you opt not to upgrade your Blank, what comes with the free version is pretty impressive. As well as the sounds and the animation on the HUD, if you click your head you will find a whole menu there too, with options to change your floaty text above your head, change the colour of your avatar, even add memos and reminders to a small built in function there. There is even a “tip hand” function which, for the cheekier amongst you, turns your right hand into a tip jar if you wish to attempt to collect handouts. They really are very cool and with a little more word out about them I could see them taking off. It’s a quirky concept. I think people would start to create their own accessories as well. My main complaint about the factory itself is that if someone else is on the conveyer, you cannot use it. And as it can take a good five minutes for someone to get around there (if they’re being slow) you can find yourself waiting around for a while. If it is possible, the addition of a second platform would be good as a lot of people will not wait around in Second Life™.

Coming out of the factory, the rest of the sim has a lot to offer as well, though admitedly much of the sim is made up of stores including a puzzle/gadget store and a second Blank accessories store as well as the Xntra City balloon factory which sells, well… balloons! There’s a building area and some boat rentals as well. The main thing to note about the entire sim though is just how well built it is! It’s very well put together and is unique in both its theme and concept. The building work is also done by Vladimir.

All in all it’s a sim that is worth a visit for its sheer unique approach. It really is a lot of fun and will not go unappreciated by the architecture lovers either. It really is very quirky. Have some pictures!

Xntra City

Xntra City

Xntra City

Xntra City

Inside the Factory

Inside the Factory

The Anonymous Blanks Factory

The Anonymous Blanks Factory

Go along and visit! It’s well worth the teleport.

You will find Xntra City and the Anonymous Blanks here.


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