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El Haiga Classic Car Museum

Museums are not uncommon in Second Life™. Cars are not incommon in Second Life. But I have never come across a classic car museum in game until my exploring today led me here.

Classic Car Museum

Classic Car Museum

Owned by lobisones Congrejo, the museum lies on a parcel on the sim ‘Classic Car Museum’ and charts in some exquisite prim detail the life of the classic car models from 1900 onwards. The cars are impeccably well built and the designs wonderfully authentic. They are built by a variety of different builders. What is also impressive is the fact that there is a notecard you can click to take with information about each car. So this is a great location for both those who just appreciate fine prim work and those who have a genuine interest in cars (or motorcycles since they have those too). there’s a great selection of racing cars (Formula 1 etc) as well as the classics!

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

I didn’t come across any of the models for sale within the museum, though looking at some of the creators of the vehicles, I am sure many of them sell them themselves. What there is in terms of items to purchase are classic car posters etc with prices starting at a very reasonable L$15.

Demoiselle was more interested in the ‘famous’ cars than the old classics. By famous cars I mean the vehicles from Ghost Busters, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie all recreated here in prims!

The Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum

Kudos to lobisones Congrejo for both the concept here and for keeping the actual museum itself relatively uncommercial and incredibly informative. Whether for motoring history education or admiration of some incredible building and texturing by the car creators, this should definitely find a place on your ‘places to go in Second Life’ list!

You will find the Class Car Museum here.

All photography comes courtesty of the wonderful Demoiselle Denimore.


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