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Rivet Town – Incredible Victorian Roleplay Sims

It’s been quite some time since I ‘wowed’ out loud in my travels in game and longer still since I have then followed this with unsolicited teleports to people on my friend list telling them they just HAVE TO see this. But that is what happened when I stumbled upon the Rivet Town sims.

Rivet Town is made up of 2 sims, Rivet Town East and Rivet Town North East. The estate owner is Grace Loudon, who it is definitely worth mentioning seems to have built almost everything on the sims as well! Essentially these are Victorian and Steampunk themed roleplaying sims. As such there are rules, but nothing unreasonable. It isn’t, for example, compulsory to roleplay. Visitor tags are available at the entrance. It is worth actually reading through the note card at the landing point too! If you’re going to enjoy the sims at least learn the story behind the roleplay going on there and ensure you understand the conduct expected so as not to offend regular sim users. Anyway, enough of my preaching!

The landing point is a beautifully quaint and incredibly authentic looking Victorian railway station complete with Flying Scotsman steam train replica. Touches such as the baggage trolley on the platform and the sound effects used make for a really very bizarre feeling of having been teleported into a period drama! I was half expecting Hugh Grant and Colin Firth to enter speaking the Queen’s English and playing some very pompous important people! But then I remembered they’re probably far too busy for pixel period dramas which is something of a shame! But anyway, suffice to say I was massively impressed.

From here you are invited to teleport to the town, the landing point of which is the foot of a really beautiful bridge, which actually runs from one sim to the other.

The bridge seems to act as very much a focal point of the sim, though this is definitely not the only thing going for the sim! There’s residential type court areas, a town court, police station, factory, housing, church, graveyard and numerous authentic looking boutique style shops as well as a factory and docks. And that is only the surface. There are renters on this sim and Grace Loudon does have a rather large store (in a Steampunk styled factory type building) on it too. But the focus is not commercial and you never find yourself feeling as though you are having advertising rammed fown your throat. The focus is genuinely on the authenticity and accuracy of the architecture. Both the exteriors and interiors of all the builds have been put together with painstaking detail (as far as sewage spewing into the water at the end of a street) and look evidently very well researched. The narrow alleys against the backdrop of an industrial revolution capure the era perfectly. I absolutely cannot fault the building work and Grace is certainly a very talented Second Life architect.

There is little my rambling can do to give you an idea of just how great this place is, so I will let the pictures do the talking!

I do apologise for picture overload…I couldn’t help it and actually these are just a handful of the ones I took!

Go along and check these sims out. They really are awesome and are something that should definitely not be missed! You can find Rivet Town by clicking here.

Go, go,go!


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