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Splash Aquatics Walk-Through Aquarium!

Splash Aquatics is something of a huge store on the Gooruembalchi mainland sim. Creator and owner, Kaikou Splash, sells all types of aquatic  mammals, tropical fish and fresh water fish as well as a range of scuba diving gear, landscaping tools and some incredible vehicles! The place is 100% worth checking out and his animals are the most beautiful and realistic available in Second Life™. In addition, the prices are very reasonable.

However, the element I want to concentrate on is the walk-through aquarium, which is just amazing! It’s incredibly well done and showcases the very finest in aquatic animals in game. Completely submerged, you can walk right through a very peaceful feeling tunnel and admire the work of the creator close up.

Take a look for yourself!

I recommend taking a visit to Splash! You can find it by clicking here!


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