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Dreamscapes – Alix’s Timeless Rainforest

This is yet another sim I stumbled across while on my travels. This is a full sim sized rainforest owned by Alix Abruzzo.

I’ve searched a few times for a rainforest type sim in Second Life and found one problem with many of those I have visited. Simply that they’re not ‘rainforesty’ enough. When you think rainforest you think dense vegetation, lush scenery, streams and wildlife. And while I’m sure no rainforest in game would be expected to have the specific plants and trees you would actually find biologically correct and accurate, I’ve found many just didn’t live up to my own personal vision of what one should be. Of course, as with anything, it’s subject to opinion and mine are pretty, well… unchangeable, I’m afraid.

Today I found this one and it does live up to my own expectations. The reason this one works, I feel, better than the others is that in encompasses two key elements. It is a thick dense forest and the landscaping of the sim is perfect. There are zip lines, a sort of lounge/piano place (though very well built in theme so as not to look out of place), little hidden benches and corners for couples to cosy up on poseballs, there are streams and lagoons and plenty of hidden little features. It’s the type of sim you feel the need to visit more than once, as you can be pretty sure that you probably missed something the first time around.

The piano bar is well decorated and done out. The structure fits in well with the theme and was built by Anastasia Hawks, who seems to have built a fair amount of the stuff on this sim and has done so to a very high standard.

The tower style house in the north west corner overlooks the entire sim and again is open for anyone to go inside and look around. You can take a ride in a swan vote, dance the evening away on a beautiful glass dance floor or simply explore the many secluded corners. Every time I thought I’d seen everything I found something else, and that for me is what makes this such a great place. There’s a real need for exploration in order to appreciate this fully. It’s worth noting that the sound effects here have been used very well too. I have been to many places where the “sound effects,” were simply a series of noises causing nothing but headaches. But not here. They’re subtle enough to not be a nuisance and present enough to create a real atmosphere and actually enable you to forget briefly that you’re just sitting at your computer!

The key thing I want to point out is that this certainly is not a commercial venture. In fact I couldn’t find anything for sale. There were donation boxes inside the piano bar and that was all, which suggests that this rainforest (which lies on a full prim sim, nonetheless) has been set up simply for a love of creativity in game rather than for gain. That makes me appreciate it all the more. I will quit with my waffling and show you the pictures!


Waterfall at Timeless Rainforest

Timeless Rainforest

Timeless Rainforest

Timeless Rainforest

Timeless Rainforest

One of the Bridges at Timeless Rainforest

One of the Bridges at Timeless Rainforest

Whether for exploration, photography or romancing, this is one to visit. You can find it here!


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