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Even without the catchy name, Primtings is pretty awesome! This is another of those places I just happened across when searching random words and ended up spending quite some time there. Primtings is a shortened word for ‘Primmed Paintings’ because that is exactly what this full sim gallery displays. It is described as being in its preview stages at the moment, with a search on for artists to display. However, preview or otherwise, I found the place to be incredible and already displaying an impressive array of talent.

Primting - Primmed Paintings Museum

Primting - Primmed Paintings Museum

Ok, so what is its idea? As I gather, organiser and owner, Ina Centaur and other participating artists take famous real world paintings of varying artistic types and create 3D versions from prims in game, bringing the painting to life, perhaps, for those who may not have ever believed they had an appreciation of art. By each Primting is a copy of the 2D painting on which is was based, information about who did the original, who built the primting and other information too.

There are various categories and displays across the museum. In fact, there is too much in there already, despite it only being in preview stages, to really go into too much detail with. What I would like to do though, is to show you a few of my personal favourites and then wholeheartedly recommend that you go along and find your own favourites too! There’s plenty more there than just what I’m going to show you!

The first one I’d like to show you is based on ‘Nighthawks,’ a painting by Edward Hopper (with all of these you can either Google the painting name to see the original or go along to Primtings where the originals are on display by the 3D recreation). The Primting was built by Tezcatlipoca Bisiani and is a really inspiring recreation. It certainly resembles the original well, while permitting its creator to add their own stamp.

Nighthawks recreated by Tezcatlipoca Bisiani

Nighthawks recreated by Tezcatlipoca Bisiani

Another I particularly liked was a recreation of ‘Vincent’s Room,’ originally painted by Van Gogh and built in world here by Dekka Raymaker. Interestingly there are two version of this. In one, each surface is textured and in the second he simply pulls away the texturing leaving bare colours. The absence of any texturing on the second one leaves everything to sheer simplicity and actually, Dekka leaves himself exposed in the second one, with the focus suddenly being on how everything is put together without any texture for distraction. Fortunately for Dekka, everything is put together very well and both versions of this are amazing.

Vincents Room recreated by Dekka Raymaker

Vincent's Room recreated by Dekka Raymaker

The third of four I want to specifically mention is a recretion of Max Ernst’s ‘Ambiguous Figures,’ recreated in primmed painting form by Kacy Despres. Kacy has a number of works featured at Primtings, but this is probably my favourite of them!

Ambiguous Figures recreated by Kacy Depres

Ambiguous Figures recreated by Kacy Depres

And finally my absolute favourite of them all has to be Voodoo Shilton’s recreation of one of my all time favourite works. Salvador Dali’s, ‘Persistence of Memory,’ is an iconic piece of art. I don’t regard myself as an art enthusiast. I know little about the works of most famous painters. But I know what I like. And I love, ‘Persistence of Memory.’ Before I visited this, if someone would have told me that Voodoo had built a 3D model based on it, I would undoubtedly have been a little reluctant to see it, for the simple fact I generally believe that some things are at their best in their original form and should not be touched. But Voodoo Shilton’s recreation is incredible. I was thoroughly impressed!

Persistence of Memory recreated by Voodoo Shilton

Persistence of Memory recreated by Voodoo Shilton

As I said, these are just my person favourites. As with anything it is subject to tastes and you will probably have your own favourites. But I strongly encourage you to go down and take a look. It’s a completely original idea of Ina Centaur’s and her notecard available from on site tell us that it’s something she has been planning since August 2007, though has only recently purchased the sim for and set up. The concept, as I said, is original and is yet another opportunity in game for residents to express their creativity in a remarkable way. My only complaint about the whole thing, actually, is that I found it a little difficult in places to find my way around. But consider it an adventure.

Do go along. And if you’re a keen creator yourself, they are actively seeking submissions and all the information in regard to this can be found on site. Go visit! You will find Primtings here.


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  1. Hi Broom, Thanks for letting me know about this and thank you for your words on my piece Vincent’s Room, however I am definitely male 🙂

    Comment by Dekka Raymaker | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. ROFL. Ok, thank you! Changed to reflect the enlightenment in regards to your gender lol!

    Thank you!

    Comment by secondstuff | November 18, 2008 | Reply

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