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Vernian Sea Lighthouse – Home of Kandace Commons

I stumbled upon this beautiful lighthouse when I was looking through search for random places (as you do). When I teleported in I had a very pleasant surprise. I’ve seen some pretty plain looking lighthouses in game (tapered cylinders) but this one is beautiful.

I must mention that this lighthouse was built by, is owned by and lived in by Kandace Commons, whose land description here tells people, “The Vernian Sea Lighthouse is my home, visitors are welcome. Steampunk themed with gothic and victorian influences. Working steam engine on the fourth floor, two living floors, ground floor boiler room, and top floor balcony.”

Vernian Sea Lighthouse Exterior

Vernian Sea Lighthouse Exterior

And what an impeccable build. The elaborate detail both inside and out is exceptional. It’s a brick lighthouse with beautiful windows all around, located on its own little island on the region of Karoastoff. The space around the lighthouse has been craftfully turned into quiant little gardens with toadstools and detailed sculpted trees. Up the steps from the gardens leads to the entrance, which leads to the boiler room. Most of the content here, including the impressive steam punk style boiler itself is built by Kandace. Clicking on the rustic styled ladders on each floor will take you to the next floor up. Clicking on the trap doors takes you to the next one down. The sound effects make for a surprisingly authentic feel as well.

By Night

By Night

The engine room at the top is full of cogs and other very well built mechanics for ‘running’ this lighthouse. Again all this is built by Kandace and is remarkably well detailed. As is everything about this build, in all honesty. The attention to detail is exquisite and attention was paid to how and where it was set up and situated as well. It really is by far the best lighthouse build I have come across in game and ranks amongst the best builds of any type that I have seen. This one is definitely worth a visit, if nothing else it will certainly inspire those creative juices. Another example of the superb creativity on display in game and a reminder as to why user created environments are so incredible. I’ll quit boring you with my waffle and show you the pictures!

The first Living Room

The first Living Room

The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room

Engine Room

Engine Room

This is a build that any virtual architecture enthusiast will not want to miss. Kudos to Kandace Commons for the amazing quality of this.

You can find the Vernian Sea Lighthouse here.

Go, go, go! You don’t want to skip this one!

– Broom Andel

Demoiselle Denimore’s rating is 10/10
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