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The Lands of Werrre

No, I didn’t leave my finger on the R key for too long. That really is what this location is called. And what a stunning location indeed.

The Lands of Werre

The Lands of Werre

Unfortunately, before I even begin to tell you much about this place, I should let you know that if you are going to visit, you ought to do so before the end of 2008 as this is another location that has fallen victim to the openspace changes recently announced by Linden Labs and it will be closing its virtual doors to the public when the price increases come into effect.

But anyway. Demoiselle and I were doing some exploring when we came across this little hidden gem. Lying on the region of Bonaire19, the Lands of Werre encompasses 65536sqm of blissful beauty. The landing point brings you in front of a beautiful ship, where I was greeted by Ender Hanner, owner of this location. It’s medieval in theme offering a small market place from which you can buy Ender’s goods, which are all household/tavern style products, also medieval in theme. He sells himself a little short with his products, as the prims from which they’re sold are small and easy to miss. I cannot emphasise enough that the focal point of this sim certainly is not commercial. It’s literally a few stalls with a couple of items on that is commercial. The rest of the sim is sheer beauty. It is well landscaped with high mountains, dramatic slopes and an elegant stream, with bridges over it. The sim is littered with quiet little corners and areas to just sit and admire the surroundings. A steep set of steps lead up the highest mountain to a castle at its peak offering some spectacular views of the whole sim.

As with any place of beauty, the best I can do is to show you the pictures. That gives you a far clearer idea than my waffling words ever could. The best you could do however, is to get yourself on over there before it has to close!

You can find Ender Hanner’s Lands of Werrre here, but only until the end of December 2008!

– Broom Andel

Demoiselle Denimore’s Rating is 9/10.
She fell in love with the animated squirrel.
Demoiselle is special.


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