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Hosoi Ichiba And The Great Wall of China

When I opened up a free for all last night, inviting people to submit their low traffic locations to me for review, I had something of a greater response than expected… not that I’m complaining! It gives me plenty of exploring to do!

The first place I teleported to was one submitted to me by Amiryu Hosoi, a Japanese furniture creator who submitted landmarks to two sims, one of which houses her furnishings and the other of which houses her replica of the Great Wall of China.

Teleporting into Virgin Island, the sim on which you will find Amiryu’s Hosoi Ichiba furnishings, the first thing that struck me was the obvious time and effort that had gone into creating an authentic feeling environment from which to sell her products. This is always a positive start and an assurance, in my opinion, that if a creator puts that much effort into the layout of the products, then their quality is likely to be high as well. The sim is worth exploring for its layout alone, even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly interested in this niche of furnishings. As well as the couches and rugs, the ornate lamps, floor cushions and wall hangings are incredibly well designed ‘extras’. By ‘extras’ I mean the little things that you don’t find in every other place attempting to do the same type of thing. In this case I am referring to a number of beautiful Asian Gongs.

Hosoi Ichiba Furnishings

Hosoi Ichiba Furnishings

Hosoi Ichiba Furnishings

Hosoi Ichiba Furnishings

There’s far too many pieces for me to go into detail with but suffice to say that accuracy of the pieces in relation to their theme is impeccable. I certainly would say that there are lower prim furnishings available (as an example a couch is around 20-30 prims) but what has been done with prims here could not be done any other way and is worth it. Besides, there are much higher prim furnishings out there too! In terms of price, at L$ 450 for a gong and on average, it seems, L$400 for a couch, I would put this in line with around average pricing. The prices are very fair, in my opinion.

The next part of the same visit took me just two sims along to the replica of the Great Wall of China on a sim called Mao. Here, you teleport into a small watchtower in which there are vendors on the wall. One of them offers for sale the complete Great Wall of China replica kit… at a staggering L$95000. Ok, so it does have 30 components but I still find this a tad on the pricey side. However, when you step out of the tower and take a look at the replica laid out there on an island terraformed perfectly to fit, it really is breathtaking.

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

The accuracy with which this has been created is astounding and the quality of the build is flawless. Add that to impeccable texturing and you start to understand the price tag a little more. The quaint doorways, the watchtowers and the rugged way in which the wall creeps over the hills of the island certainly puts this amongst the most breathtaking locations I have ever visited. The pictures will do this far more justice than my words ever will… and a visit there yourself is one step better.

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

The (Virtual) Great Wall of China

You can find the Hosoi Ichiba furnishings here and the Great Wall of China here.

Definitely, definitely worth checking out.

– Broom Andel


And of course, no review would be complete without my wonderful partner in crime, Demoiselle Denimore’s rating. For Hosoi Ichiba and the Great Wall of China, Demoiselle’s rating…. (drum roll) 8/10! Where did the other two points go, I hear you ask? Well, Demoiselle tells me it would have been a 10 if she had seen a panda there. (Demoiselle is special)!



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  1. Broom (and Demoiselle)

    Thanks so much for such a lovely review – I’ve added a link to it from our blog.

    Kalderi Tomsen,
    General Manager, Hosoi Ichiba

    Comment by Kalderi Tomsen | November 12, 2008 | Reply

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