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Free Sculpture Art Gallery by Silver Skytower

I stumbled across this place when I was sifting through listings for art galleries. The traffic on it is surprisingly low, which explains its low position in the search ranks.

What a shame that this is so low placed in search though as this place is incredible. It is a full sim and does include a lot of free Christian memorabilia, though what I want to concentrate on is the sculpture gallery, in which every single sculpture is completely free of charge.

The sculptures are intricately designed and beautifully done. I will be the first to stand up and say that I am not religious, I do not believe in God. However, despite that I really do have an appreciation of the beauty and elegance of the statues created here. They’re not all religious. There’s a giraffe, a beautiful ballerina and others too. But despite my (lack of) beliefs in terms of religion, my favourite was still probably the Moses sculpture simply for detail and the clear hard work that went into this.

As I said, they really are all free. Out and about there are some made by other people available to purchase, but all the ones in the store are made by Silver Skytower and are L$0. Additionally they are also copy and transfer. Again this probably goes some way to explaining lower traffic. If people can pass to their friends then their friends don’t need to go to a location to pick them up.

This place really is worth a visit and the material Silver produces is of an incredible standard. It really is the type of thing that makes you wonder why it’s free! Hehe!

You can find this place here!


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