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La Resistance Modern Furnishings

Furniture in Second Life™ is one of those markets (like so many) that is entirely over saturated. When a market gets like this it becomes increasingly common to find, unfortunately, bad quality stuff and it becomes even harder to find the really good quality stuff. In the current SL™ ‘bot culture,’ traffic stats can be misleading and can also mean that the smaller or newer stores without the bot armies face an uphill struggle to become known.

So it was a particularly pleasant surprise to come across a lesser known and yet very high quality modern furnishings store while out with the wonderful Demoiselle! La Resistance modern furnishings lies on a sim sized parcel on an open space sim called (funnily enough) La Resistance. The furnishings are the creations of Xeit Lane, who has set up here an absolutely incredible store.

The first thing you notice upon entering this store is the ultra-modern feel it has. It’s spacious and laid out well. Every item is set out with other items that co-ordinate with it, meaning that you can essentially get the entire furnishings for a room together and know it will all look like it did in the store! The other great thing is that pretty much everything you see is for sale, from lamps, to plants and artwork so if you see a look for a room that you want, you can replicate it exactly in your own pixel place!

In particular, there is an entire room dedicated to black and white with some pretty unique pieces in there. Again all is laid out so it’s perfectly easy to look around and find what you want. Everything has a very ‘showroom’ feel to it, which always makes shopping easier!

In terms of the products themselves, there’s everything from couches, chairs, to tables, office sets, beds, lamps and plants. The prim usage is economical, with a corner couch (with 3 animations) containing 21 prims or so, up to 40 for a more elaborate one. An animated bed with texture changing for the bed clothes has twenty or so prims. So, admitedly, it isn’t ‘mega-low’ prim, but by the same account it certainly isn’t high prim and the prims that are used are used in such a way as to maximise the quality of the product.

So how much will this stuff set you back? Well, actually the pricing is good! You can pick up sculpted cushions (non-copiable) for L$ 49. The smallers couches are L$ 399, with the most expensive piece I came across (a rather elaborate corner couch with 6 animations) just L$ 499. And, you may notice I have mentioned that everything has animations! There’s perhaps nothing worse than sitting on unanimated furniture… you buy a beautiful couch and then you sit down only to look like a complete prat in your newbie style sitting pose, right? Not here! Xeit Lane’s pieces are all animated.

In all, this is a great place to visit if you are looking for modern furnishings at a reasonable price. I do have one complaint though…. it’s a no fly parcel! I really get irritated by that! Yes, yes, I know I could just enable admin options, I just don’t get the no fly thing!

Other than that, thumbs up!

Visit La Resistance here.

Thanks once again to Demoiselle (sexy) Denimore for the pictures and finding this place!


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