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The Lost Caverns at Villa

Second Life™ has plenty of caves and underground paradise type of places. Not so often, however, do you find these on sims whose focus is selling prefabs!

But on the Villa sim, a sim dedicated to the prefabs of Kumiko Mills, there is something of a hidden diamond! The entrance merely has an arrow pointing to the caves and it really doesn’t lead you to believe it will be anything spectacular. However, when you fall down, stand up, brush yourself off and look around (hoping nobody saw your undignified fall down there in the first place of course) you really find yourself taken aback and feeling somewhat smug that you found it! (Although I confess, it was my stunning, talented, wonderfully imaginative photographer, Demoiselle Denimore who actually found this, not me).

The caves are incredibly well built and put together. The organisation down there and the way it is laid out is such that it gives it a real adventurous feel! Look out for the skeleton camper… very witty!

Wandering around these Lost Caverns is kind of exciting, offering something of an adventure (very much a break from the prefab shopping). There’s so many directions you can wander off in, paths to follow (or not, as the case may be).

But it isn’t just pretty rocks and exploration down there. Perhaps my favourite part of the Lost Caverns was a small lounge/bar style area. It was darker in here, a welcome contrast in fact to the brighter rocks of the rest of the caves. With some sweet couples poseballs and seating, this place could very well be a great location to spend some quieter moments with someone, as I was sure to do with Demoiselle (I have a bit of a crush on her, shhh).

Judging by the name of the creator and owner (the same person, incidentally) it seems most credit goes to Dub Legend for the job done here!

Very much worth taking some time out of your incredibly busy Second Life to stop by and take a look? You want a SLURL as well? Sheesh, what do you think this is? Dial-a-Cab? Go on then… since I’m feeling generous.

You can find the Lost Caverns here.


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