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Glimmer – Fairytale Fantasy Roleplay at its Prettiest

When it comes to fantasy roleplay, those of us who are seasoned Second Life™ residents will probably think instantly of Avilion. And of course there is no taking away from the fact that the Avilion estate of sims is stunningly well designed.

I encountered another one today, however, that I feel very much holds its own in the sim beauty stakes! Wraith Unsung’s Glimmer Fantasy Roleplay area is an entire sim of outstanding landscaping, with a fantasy, fairtytale theme. At the landing point you can pick up a notecard about the sim and the rules. The first thing you notice is the relaxed approach taken here. There’s no dress code, no strict regulations, no background story or guidelines and no group requirement. There’s simply five rules; respect people, be polite, keep your modern cars, weapons and all that crap out of the way, no combat and no public sex! Now those seem like very reasonable rules to me. There is no animosity whatsoever towards those, like me, who are not there to roleplay, just simply to look around. In fact I spent a good hour just floating around there.

The sim is landscaped around stunning hills and streams meandering down into a valley. The focal point is a stunning castle and beautiful tree that overlooks the sim. There’s pods in that tree in fact, with cuddle balls in which you can just relax and enjoy the scenery, as I was sure to do!

Between the hills and streams is the occasional isolated medieval house, there’s a tiny fantasy style village too made up of a couple of small fairytale styled homes.

All in all there is far more to see here than I could describe, or even than I saw myself, I am sure. As such I’ll let the images do the talking. All photographs are taken by the superbly creative Demoiselle Denimore (who does a far more wonderful job on these things than I could ever even attempt to)!

You can find Glimmer here.






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