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Sarah’s Magic Kingdom

Whether you are seven, seventeen or sixty-seven, male, female, human or otherwise, the chances are you’ll have enjoyed at least one Disney movie (even if you won’t admit it). Second Life™ has its fair share of fanatics creating Disney inspired merchandise and so on.Yet hidden in amongst this melee of animated magic is something a little different; Sarah’s Magic Kingdom.

For a start, this isn’t a profit-making venture. There is nothing for sale. It is essentially a tribute museum set up for fans of Disney to go and enjoy. Owned by Sarah Nikitin, the museum is housed in a replica of Cinderella’s castle (very well built by Beast Mauvaise). It is laid out in 4 sections offering different Disney themed. These include the Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood Studios zone. There’s plenty of images of the characters and the Disneyworld Parks around. Almost all images have a notecard giver in them offering fun trivia and information.

Outside there’s a Disney themed ‘mouse house’ offering Disney streams from the various parks and a cute Disney style barge.

All in all this is a very ‘feel good’ type of place. I’m not a Disney ‘fanatic’ myself (but I admit to enjoying some of the films), but came across this while I was searching for museums. Even as someone not crazily fanatic for Disney, I enjoyed this. The effort that has gone into this, down to the meticulous information and trivia, is clear to see. Go take a look for yourself!

Sarah's Magic Kindgom


August 1, 2008 - Posted by | Arts and Culture, The Weirdly Wonderful

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