The Best of Second Life™

Where will you teleport to today?

So what’s this all about then?

This is a sounding board, if you will. A place where I’ll write about the best of everything I come across in the weird and wonderful world of Second Life™.

A few points to note:
1. No, I do not own Second Life. If I owned Second Life I would currently be on a remote Pacific island somewhere drinking ludicrously expensive champagne cocktails and bathing in dollar bills. Instead, I am home blogging!

2. Second Life can be found at (in case you hadn’t guessed) and is a pretty advanced virtual world. If you have no wish to try it then this blog will probably not interest you one iota.

3. This isn’t a source of slagging off. I don’t plan to waste my time writing about crappy places. I’ll keep it upbeat in a happy, lovely, jovial kind of way and focus this on what’s great about Second Life, not all the bot farms/crap sims/terribly crafted products etc…. (here I go again. Stop me! This is supposed to be POSITIVE).

4. I’m not being paid by anyone! If I go somewhere and I like it, I’ll blog it. I am not interested in advertising anybody’s sims/stores/products/sexual services.

And there we go. 🙂


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